Adjustable Municipal Castings

Municipal castings have to withstand all site conditions and heavy traffic loading. As a result, they are extremely heavy and difficult to raise and adjust to the finished grade. Pry bars and shims have been the industry’s standard method for more than 100 years —until now. Check out RimRiser’s adjustable municipal castings.

RimRiser eliminates pry bars and shims while increasing accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Installation of municipal cast iron frames and rings is no longer a two- or three-person job, and spot-on adjustment to final grade can be completed in less than a minute. Our complete line of products includes adjustable manhole rings, catch basin frames, and precast concrete tops.

RimRiser: so simple, fast, and accurate you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of this 100 years ago. For more information on how our adjustable municipal castings can save you time and money, contact us today at (360) 833-2277.