It is simple and straightforward. Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Our engineering team will help you modify your patterns.

All of our parts are made in the USA with various partners across the country.

No, just plug the hole to use the mold without RimRiser.


Typically, it costs less than $1,000, which includes the cost of 4 reusable formers, labor, and materials. RimRiser provides technical and hands on support.

Based on field testing, RimRiser has demonstrated installation is 10X faster than the average or traditional install.

We warranty the product to be free of defects when used in accordance with instructions.

⦁  RimRiser makes metal castings and precast tops simple, safe, fast and accurate to install.
⦁ RimRiser products are installed using standard tools.
⦁ Contractors love the product.
Municipalities and DOTs are excited about RimRiser and have added it to their Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) and standard details.
⦁ Maintenance crews prefer RimRiser for their repairs and new installs.
⦁ Municipalities are now specifying RimRiser.

To date, RimRiser has been allowed for use wherever submitted.
Please check our Municipality Approvals and State Approvals pages to see our current list of formal approvals. If you don’t see your state or municipality of interest, please call us at (360) 833-2277 or send us your request via our contact form here


Please see our installation guides for precast concrete and municipal cast iron here.