Municipalities are quickly adopting RimRiser for their projects and approving RimRiser for new construction.  RimRiser has never been rejected for use by a municipality.  If you’d like to use RimRiser in a city, county or State not listed below, contact us for approval status.



StateMunicipality/CountyApproval StatusApproval Docs
CaliforniaCentral Contra Costa Sanitary DistrictApproved
OregonMedfordApproved - Follows ODOT
OregonMultnomah CountyApproved - Follows ODOT
OregonPortlandApproved - Follows ODOT
Oregon MilwaukieApproved
TexasGalveston CountyApproved
WashingtonBattle GroundApprovedPDF
WashingtonClark CountyApproved

**This agency has advised contractors to submit a request for approval to the contractor’s Engineer of Record (EOR) on a project-by-project basis and/or that there is not an applicable classification or category to evaluate or provide a blanket approval of RimRiser at this time. Use of RimRiser is a decision of the contractor and/or EOR like the guidelines for use of traditional shim materials.

For more information on RimRiser municipality approvals or about any of our time- and labor-saving products, call us today at (360) 833-2277.