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RimRiser in the Media: Making Cast Iron Sexy Again

We didn’t make that up. We heard it from a customer.

Ok, we’re not sure cast iron manhole frames and covers have ever been sexy, but given that RimRiser makes leveling utility tops as easy as turning a screw, somebody was bound to say it.

In all seriousness, we’re elated that manholes are finally getting some of the attention they deserve. And we like to think we’ve had something to do with that.

It’s been a busy couple of years here at RimRiser. We’ve been to countless industry trade shows, visited foundries and precast concrete manufacturers and spent time at plenty of construction sites to show off what we know is an industry-changing solution. It’s been particularly gratifying to demonstrate RimRiser to crews and witness their “aha” moments – the realization that leveling manholes and other utility tops just got a whole lot easier and safer.

Our most heard quote:

“Wow, that’s so easy! Why didn’t somebody think of this one hundred years ago?”

– Pretty much every customer

With all the enthusiasm we encounter in every meeting, it’s just fun to show off! Most of our customers tell us they like how it doesn’t take prybars or back-breaking work or carrying around buckets of shims to try to get the install just right. RimRiser makes it easy to get utility covers leveled spot-on the first time, without risking life and limb in the process.

Manholes in the media: RimRiser is getting noticed…

The cherry on the top is that we’ve been getting so much attention from the press. We love showing journalists—whether their focus is construction, municipal issues or civil engineering solutions—just how simple, safe, fast and accurate leveling utility tops can (and should!) be. Below are some of our favorite articles that have published in the last couple of years – we’ve even written a few!

Vancouver Startup RimRiser Finds Growing Market with Innovative Manhole Adjuster
Portland Business Journal

Aaron Barr found a simple solution to a challenge that had long vexed contractors and developers. Barr, as a general contractor and residential developer, had himself for years seen the need for RimRiser.

Improve Infrastructure with Manhole Maintenance
Asphalt Pro

The costly impacts associated with poorly installed or maintained manholes vary, and not all are as evident as the feeling of hitting a bump in the road. Construction crews need to be given the proper tools to do it right—and safely—the first time.

Adjust-to-grade RimRiser Makes Fast Work of Manhole Leveling
Concrete Products

Adjust-to-grade RimRiser makes fast work of manhole component leveling. Paving or public works crew-friendly device features unique, bolt-adjusted riser technology to ease the process of leveling cast iron manhole rings, inlet frames/grates and precast concrete tops. 

RimRiser Bolt-Adjusted Leveling Solutions are Now Available Nationwide
Civil + Structural Engineer

RimRiser simplifies and streamlines the process of precision leveling for manholes and other surface-level infrastructure in paved surfaces.  

Riser Introduces Bolt-Adjusted Riser Technology
Underground Construction

RimRiser adjust-to-grade systems for manholes, catch basins, and precast tops are now available from RimRiser, Inc. and from foundries, precasters and civil infrastructure suppliers in major markets nationwide (and growing). 

How to Ensure Safety When Installing Manholes & Underground Fixtures
For Construction Pros

With visible safety protocols like reflective clothing and traffic routing or safety practices for operating equipment, don’t overlook the 1,500-pound safety concern: the crushing injuries from a manhole or utility vault cover.

The Costs of Uneven Manholes
Municipal Sewer & Water

Ensuring that manholes and other utility covers are as level as possible goes a long way toward preventing weather-related pavement problems. Civil engineers, public works and water managers should include manhole leveling as a strategic part of a city’s sustainability planning.

We love the attention, of course! But having worked for many years in the construction world, we also feel a great deal of gratitude to the hard-working crews, the engineers and all of the other people behind the scenes in making our roads smooth and safe. We’re just glad to be a part of it!

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